May 4, 2012 Q&A 5-4-12

Are all the 2012 incoming freshmen qualified? Lebbie and McManus have been on the bubble with their academics. Any news on those guys?

At this point it appears that barring any issues with graduation there doesn't seem to be any sure-fire players that aren't going to make it at this point. But that doesn't mean that everyone is in the clear yet. I've been checking with the players and they've told me things look good and they are on track to enroll, but you always worry until they make it on campus. And then you have to deal with any potential issues that could arise once they arrive. This will become clearer as time passes, and obviously the most telling sign will be if they arrive in June.

Can we get a breakdown on where the concentration of offers might be this year (i.e. how many QBs, RBs, OL, etc.)?

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