July 8, 2014

Trusting in Trickett

Even though it has only been thirteen days since West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen named senior Clint Trickett the starting quarterback for the upcoming season, WVU players and coaches are already putting all their trust in the newly touted starter.

After a lackluster spring from the three participating quarterbacks, Paul Millard, Skyler Howard and Logan Moore, all signs from inside the program pointed to Trickett being the guy.

"One thing we've always done is ask other players who they think the quarterback is," said offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson. "I'm talking about in different position meetings because position coaches get close with their guys, so they can have those conversations with their guys."

Trickett who threw for 1605 yards and seven touchdowns in 2013 now has the full reigns of the program.

"It's not like we go strictly on that," Dawson said. "But that'll give you a good Litmus test as to who the team thinks should be the guy."

Since a decision, which correlates to what the other players on the team wanted has been made, those players can now start building offensive chemistry with Trickett.

"We're able to just start working. We can work with him and he can work with us," said running back Dreamius Smith. "Clint (Trickett) is going to be a leader. He has always been a leader, so we're ready to support it and go ahead with it."

The Florida State transfer can also start to synchronize his throws with his receivers' routes.

Wide receiver Kevin White caught 35 passes for 507 yards and five touchdowns last year.

"It puts my mind at ease just to know one guy is going to be throwing to me. I know how he'll signal, how he'll throw it and how we can just get on the same page," said White.

Daikiel Shorts hauled in 45 catches as a true freshman, agrees with White.

"I can just focus on getting the timing down with Clint (Trickett). I can work with him and just get in a routine," added Shorts.

With August and the start of training camp less than a month away, West Virginia has put all of the program's trust in the new starting quarterback.

"Everybody needs a leader, everybody needs someone they can rally around and for the first time since Geno, we have a guy to get behind," said WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider. "If Clint (Trickett) says lineup this way, we're going to lineup that way."

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