WVU makes media rounds in Dallas

DALLAS, Texas - West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen, Will Clarke, Karl Joseph and Quinton Spain went through Big 12 Media Day rigors at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Holgorsen is excited for what is in store over the next month. WVU training camp is just eight days away with players reporting on July 31. Holgorsen addressed talked to the media about everything from the quarterback battle to some of the new rule changes.
"Who are guy is going to be, I don't know. We've got Clint Trickett coming in, who has probably as much experience in the college game as anybody in the Big 12, just because he's been a starter in some big games," said Holgorsen concerning the quarterback position, "He's got to come in and beat an experienced Paul Millard out, who has taken more reps than anybody on our campus."
Elsewhere offensively, Holgorsen made it pretty clear that he is truly excited about developing a football team in 2013. With no real star power, Holgorsen thinks there is an opportunity for other guys who haven't played in the past to step up and make an impact.
"It gets me excited of being able to get out there and face the challenge of being able to take ten strong guys and coach them and be able to develop them," said Holgorsen, "When I got to West Virginia a couple of years ago, there was a couple of guys that hadn't made a tremendous amount of plays, and we coached them, and we developed them, and we turned into phenomenal football players."
Defensively throughout the day both Holgorsen and his talented safety Karl Joseph were grilled with questions about the new targeting rule. According to the rule, players will be disqualified if the referee calls the rule. Joseph thinks the rule, will not completely change the way he plays the game even though it is something to be aware of.
"Personally I don't think any of my hits were above the shoulders, and I don't think I would ever intentionally target anyone, so I'll be alright, I'll keep playing my game," said Joseph, "But the fact that you can get thrown out will make you think about the rule."
Holgorsen is planning on bringing in Big 12 referees in order to teach the rule to his team. These officials will visit West Virginia during the first week of the Mountaineers' fall training camp.
Finally, about being selected eighth, the WVU players don't mind being overlooked.
"It motivates us, we have a chip on our shoulder, we have to prove to people that we can play in this league this season," said offensive tackle Quinton Spain.