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From the publisher...
From the Publisher...

Top five reasons to become a premium subscriber

Welcome to WVSports.com,

Before you decide to sign up for a premium subscription, please take a few minutes to read through what we feel are the top five reasons to become a premium subscriber. If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly at vernon@wvsports.com

1. Customer satisfaction

Once you become a member, you’ll see why our site has an extremely high subscriber retention rate. We bring the news to you first and make sure your membership needs are promptly met. | Email Vernon Bailey at vernon@wvsports.com right now for questions about becoming a subscriber!

2. Recruiting nuggets from Keenan Cummings

When it comes to West Virginia recruiting, no one has more recruiting nuggets than Keenan Cummings.

3. Community – The Blue Lot

We have premium subscribers from all walks of life. From former alumni to college students, to multi-decade season ticket holders, see why The Blue Lot is the top destination for Mountaineer fans.

4. In-depth team analysis

Our staff provides the most in-depth analysis of West Virginia sports during the week and after each football and basketball game. From written reports to exclusive video content, you’ll get it all!

5. The staff

Keenan Cummings is our managing editor and one of the most respected media members in the WVU market, Patrick Kotnik has been with us several years and assists Keenan with the day to day coverage of WVU sports, and Vernon Bailey the publisher is regarded as one of the premier publishers in the Rivals network.

You deserve quality content

Subscriber testimonials

CThruU: WVSports.com is the only site I read for news, insight, and analysis of WVU Sports. No one covers recruiting better. No other source provides as deep an understanding of not only what happens on the fields or courts, but also how and why it happens. The regular post game analyses and comprehensive breakdowns of each game are peppered liberally with relevant player and coach quotes, giving readers a much greater appreciation for the game and the sport. Following that up with interactive Q&A threads in the forums goes above what any other site offers. If that isn’t enough, coverage of breaking news on WVU sports is unrivaled (intentional.) You only need one source for all things WVU; this site is it.

superwvufan13: Pay my $99 once a year and get gorged every single day. Not once a year, not once a month, not even once a week, but everyday, all day long. Anyway, once i joined the Blue Lot, I never looked at another mag. What an unbelievable deal. Thanks so much guys !!

mdeer: I read every piece of Mountaineer athletics information I can find. Without a doubt the first place I go to find information is on the blue lot and with Keenan Cummings. There is not a better place in the print or digital space to find the most inside scoop on Mountaineer football and basketball.I can say for certain that the information provided by Keenan is both timely and accurate. If you are not reading the blue lot you are certainly missing out!

Mounty Dan: Checking this site is the first thing I do every morning and the last thing I do every night. Not to mention the dozens of times I check in during the day. Been doing it for over twenty years now so I’ve spent countless thousands of hours here. It is far and away the best place to get Mountaineer info and it’s kind of a sanctuary that allows escape from all the other stuff we have to contend with on a daily basis. These guys do an incredible job keeping us informed. Keno is absolutely relentless!

vidmkr27: I used to be a common run-of-the-mill average Mountaineer fan. I waited till football season, turned on the TV, and watched the Mountaineers play. Every now and then I would read an article in the paper or hear some rumors on the street, but I never did know the true inside information. I always wondered to myself, what is the real scoop on Mountaineer Sports? I don't remember how it happened, but I stumbled on a WVU message board back around 2004. I paid my money for a 1-year subscription to wvsports.com. The information I get there on a daily basis is what makes me feel like an insider and REAL Mountaineer fan. The season is more exciting because I can spend all year preparing for it with information on recruiting, coaching changes, truly anything that you would want to know from behind the scenes. Now, if that isn't enough, add in the fact that this is a 24/7 365 look into all of Mountaineer Sports. Men's and women's basketball, baseball and yes, even wrestling and volleyball information. I can tell you, this has made me truly enjoy each and every day of being a Mountaineer fan. I'll hear a rumor on the street or at the stadium from some uninformed fan and just chuckle and say to myself, 'If they only knew the truth they would be shocked.' There's only one way to be a true gold and blue Mountaineer fan and that is to join wvsports.com. You will never watch and experience WVU Sports the same again.

dedhoops24: WVSports.com & Keenan Cummings...#Period....As a native West Virginian and avid WVU sports fan now living outside of the state, there is no place better to get the up to date and credible content I need and crave. The information provided is always accurate and first rate, the staff writers are well connected and always breaking scoop. Best $9.99 a WVU sports fan can spend a month....

dave: I have probably been a member of this site as long as anyone minus a few folks who have been with Vernon since this was a mere email group. The information here has always been first rare and now more than ever the staff are ahead of the curve. The one thing that has kept my interest here is the clubhouse mentality of this service. It is more than reading and liking stories. We are a weird, fun and mostly functional family with most of the good that comes with it. It is a fun club and a good place for WVU fans.

ParrotheadEER: Look at any of the posters length of time here...and most of us were here long before rivals was here...we are a family, and like family there are a few you won't like, but then there will be so many more you will.

bleedbluegold3: The Blue Lot is not simply a message board , it’s where you come to get the best info available on all things WVU , not only are the writers top notch but the members provide insight as well . Here we laugh together , cry together and even fight a little , but in the end I’m glad to call it family. Come be part of the family .

winwvu: As an out of state Mountaineer fanatic, I've always struggled with keeping up with the day to day news of my favorite team. Long ago, I had the Sunday edition of the Morgantown paper mailed weekly to my house, after that the weekly publication specializing in WVU sports news. With the advent of the internet, I became a daily reader of this site in it's early stages. The daily reading has continued for approximately 20 years to the present day. WVsports.com is the only site one needs to receive all of the breaking news, team updates, and game analysis. The staff continually pumps out interesting information and the quality of writing is top notch. WVsports.com continually strives to get better with new and interesting features. Try it, it won't disappoint.

WVGEEK: I’ve been a long time subscriber to this site. I have utilized it to my benefit in many ways. 1. West Virginia sports news and content. Simply some of the best on-line. 2. Recruiting updates that go further than simply talking about star ratings.3. Discussion on the message boards that range from heated fan debate to comedy. (Sometimes in same post.)Also, the contributors for the site are willing to jump into the discussion with the prescribers. Simply stated, this site has become my one stop shop for all things WVU sports. I don’t go away for very long regardless of the time of the year. My hope is that it will continue to thrive for many moons to come.

Oregonmountie: WVsports, especially the BlueLot is my go to site for the most up to date and behind the scenes information on WVU sports and general athletic overviews. From the in-depth recruiting articles to the player and coaches interviews you have all you need to get you daily Mountaineer fix....then add the lively exchanges on the blue lot amongst the rabid fan base and you couldn’t ask to be better connected. Between Vernon, Keno and the other contributing writers, they always have us covered!! Now just waiting on the next set of recruiting sticky files!!


So, in closing we would appreciate an opportunity to earn your business and we are eager to provide you with the quality content you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.

Vernon Bailey
Publisher WVSports.com


Vernon Bailey
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