WVUs Top 20 Big East Moments

Blue Lot member hreer shares his opinion on the top 20 moments in WVU sports while a member of the Big East Conference.
As we count down the last minutes in the Big East I started thinking about some of the great moments we have had in the conference.  True, the conference fell apart and we had no choice but to leave, but there sure were a few good times.  Here in my humble opinion is my top 20......
20) Our first Big East Game
Alan Iverson and Georgetown came into the Coliseum on Dec 2, 1996.  They won in OT but we played tough and our basketball program is better for having been in the Big East
19) Beating ND at home in Basketball in 2011.  Beating ND anytime is sweat, beating them at home is even better
Irish Eyes a crying 
18) There was a time when we were all excited to be JOINING the Big East, of course that was a different Big East.
WVU to Join Big East as full-member 
17) Joe Alexander dunks on UConn in 2008 BET
Alexander the Great! 
16) If beating ND in Morgantown is sweat, beating them in South Bend is even better, ending their long winning streak is even better
Women's basketball high point.  
15) Quincy Wilson's run vs Miami
An unbelievable run!  
14) "Gameday" came to Morgantown the first time for a Big East Conference basketball game
Knight was impressed.  
13) It can certainly be argued that no WVU program has come as far in the Big East as Nikki Izzo-Brown and the Women's soccer program
Three time champs!  
12) We didn't know what was coming but it was a fun night to be in MPS after we beat UConn in 2007
"One more regular season game remaining" TC said......
11) IMHO, Miami and BC started the demise of the Big East when they stabbed everyone in the back.  We got the last shot at BC in the BET.  They were #7 and the number 1 seed.....
10) It doesn't make up for 2007 but beating #9 Pitt to keep them from the BCS is still fun
"He's a celebrity!" 
9) I'm sure we will play them again but never again as Big East Conference foes
"Stiff Arm" 
8) Beating USF for our last Big East Football Championship.  Without this 70-33 would have never happened. 
"The Catch" 
7) Beating #3 VT in Morgantown
Marshal to Garvin for 93 Yards! 
6) The Comeback against Louisville
The day Pat, Steve, and Owen came of age
5) Beating #12 VT in Blacksburg
Wiley and King stop the Hokies  
4) Our First Big East Conference Football Championship
"We beat the team that beat the team that beat the team"
3) Beating # 2 Pitt in the BET
Ebanks says "Hello" to Mr Dixon
2nd half 
2) Beating Miami in Morgantown
"Walker on the left side, Walker, Walker!!  TD Mountaineers" 
1) The greatest thing the Big East can offer athletically is the BET. I'm SO glad we got to win one before we left
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