Class of 2014 Recruiting Exit Interviews: Dravon Henry

With many of the class of 2014 set to make their way to Morgantown in early June, catches up with the class to perform an exit interview with the recruiting process and get to know each of the prospects a little better on a personal level. Today, we speak with Aliquippa (Pa.) defensive back Dravon Henry.
Henry was one of the top prospects on the board for the Mountaineers and Dec. 9 West Virginia was able to secure his commitment at a press conference at the Aliquippa Municipal Building. Here he opens up about the recruiting process and a little about himself.
What was your favorite part of the recruiting process? Best memory?
My official visit. The food was great, the coaches were all so cool especially Coach Gibson even coach Holgorsen, he was real cool too and it seems like it's a big family there.
Least favorite part?
It actually wasn't that fun for me for real. It was so much. Some days I couldn't even sleep just thinking about it. Then you get calls, people walk up on the streets and say you need to go to this place or go to this place. I'd say it was more stress but once I found out West Virginia was the fit for me it felt like everything was off my shoulders and I felt cool.
How many scholarship offers did you have? Where else did you visit?
35 plus. I visited Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State, Cincinnati and a couple more places.
Who was the runner up?
Pittsburgh I would say that, but them and Miami were neck and neck. Pitt of course it was the hometown team. Coach House was a cool coach and I knew a lot of the players there. Miami I went down there for a little vacation to get away and I just loved everything about it.
What was the craziest thing a coach said to you?
A coach told me if I'd come there, he'd take my little ten year old sister for basketball when she gets to high school.
Anything that shocked you during your recruitment?
I wouldn't say I was shocked but I was surprised that a lot of the West Virginia coaches were like a dad to their players, like another friend and a father figure to their players. The relationship they had was crazy.
What are your interests?
During the day I work out after that I chill with my friends a little bit and play PlayStation and then its go to bed and start my day all over again.
Goals for your freshman season?
Go out there and compete and honestly to be one of the top freshmen at the end of the season.
What games or game are you looking forward to what schools are you excited to visit?
First off, I'm looking forward to this Alabama game coming up August 30, the Texas game, pretty much the whole Big 12 it's a tough conference. Ever since I was a little boy I said I want to play for them, play for them and now I get to play against them. I just can't wait.
Tell me a little bit about your background? Family life?
When I was little I started playing football when I was four years old. I've been playing ever since and I always had a love for the game. Growing up I always had the most rushing yards on my team, the most tackles, the most everything even in high school I always had the most of everything. Then I started taking it serious my sophomore and junior year and told my mom that's what I wanted to do with my life and after that my mom and my dad used to wake me up and tell me I had to run the hills or do pushups or go to the weight room. At first it was tough, but they told me if this is what you want to do, nothing will come easy. My family is small but we all stick together.
What about your now famous excited reaction from your mother during your announcement?
That day I made my announcement, she didn't know I was going to commit. She was going to work and just going through her regular day. I told my dad to get my mom out of work and tell her she had to come to the doctors or something so she ended up coming down there shocked. I ended up telling her I was going to West Virginia and she loved it because she loved coach Gibson. I expected her to act like that because she's always been the dramatic type.
What is one thing you'd like people to know about you that maybe they don't by looking at a profile?
I'm very humble and if I say I'm going to do something I'll do it.
What are you looking forward to the most about college? What will you study and what do you eventually want to do when you graduate?
Meeting new people, being with my teammates, being with a new team and competing at the next level. It's all going to be a whole new experience for me. I'm going to go in undecided at first, but I plan on probably studying sports medicine.
When did West Virginia become an option for you? Why did you eventually pick West Virginia? When did you know? When do you arrive on campus?
The coaches, the players, and when I went on my official we all got along real well. A close cousin Charles Fisher played at West Virginia and hopefully I can follow in his footsteps. Ever since I saw Pat White play for West Virginia and Geno Smith, Tavon Austin I did kind of starting liking West Virginia. I never knew that was the team I wanted to go to but I really started looking into it and I'm glad because I'm proud to be a Mountaineer. I knew it was going to be West Virginia after coach Gibson came to my house for my home visit that's when I knew I was going to pick them. The things he was saying about the school, the players, not even about football but just talking to me. It felt like a big relief off my shoulders. June 9 is when I arrive and I can't wait.
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